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Antidepressants — drugs In recent years, the depressed state of the people, especially the residents of large cities, began to meet often enough. This is largely due to the rapid pace of life, disturbed ecology, constant stress. Some people try to cure depression with alcohol than drinks. But such an approach is fundamentally not true. The problem thus will not solve the Xia, but gradually to become an alcoholic it is possible. Depression is a disease and it needs to be treated with drugs – antidepressants.

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Typology of antidepressants
In the clinic depression medication pharmacological properties are divided into three groups:
1. slow down the urges;
2. increase;
3. neutral.
Each of these groups has its own range of effects and side effects.

Let's start with the slow down drugs. These include, first and foremost, amitripyline and doxepin. To accept them makes sense in case if depressive picture is dominated by anxiety and strong ajitirovanne, as motor and mental. Their first effects are soothing and hypnotic-sedative effect. Directly on the background mood these medications begin to act only after several days of regular intake. Buy antidepressant medications !

Neutral and stimulating antidepressants are prescribed in cases when it is desirable to reduce the activity of the patient. Such drugs include nortriptyline, desipramine, fluoxetine. Actually, the "emotional" effect also cannot be achieved at once.

Antidepressants: what is it and how does it work?

As the name implies, antidepressants are drugs used for depression. However, here we should distinguish between depression in her life and the psychological sense. In psychology, depression is called not so much the usual depression, how long it lasts. Thus, under depression is to understand the long and persistent experience of despair, detachment, depression. It is also important to point out that "depression" is not a specific disease but a whole syndrome, a refinement which is based on dominant symptoms and history of depression a particular patient.

Side effects

Here we list a brief list of the side effects of the old class of antidepressants. To a greater extent this applies to substances acting by the mechanism of "soothing" type. Almost all disorders affect the physiology of the body:

  • 1. dry mouth;
  • 2. constipation;
  • 3. low potency;
  • 4. the weakening of accommodation of the eye;
  • 5. the increase of the pulse;
  • 6. raising sweat;
  • 7. dizziness;
  • 8. pressure drop.
Note that for patients 50+, most of the side effects can be dangerous. This is especially true of jump pulse, and blood pressure.

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Science does not stand still and the market in abundance in the wealth of antidepressants acting by a mechanism of so-called SSRI-SSRI (selective inhibitors of serotonin reuptake). Among their side effects are highlighted loss of appetite, nausea, migraine, however if you exceed the recommended doses, these drugs significantly safer and therefore safer. These include citalopram, fluoxetine, paroxetine. Of course, these substances are safer compared to the same amitriptyline or imipramine.

And yet, because of these unpleasant side effects, many patients self-terminated a course of anti-depression meds, in the best case, reduce the recommended dose of the substance. Such a deliberate refusal poses a great threat to the patient: it is during periods of "canceled" the greatest number of depressive suicides. Besides, none of the patients are not immune from a recurrence of depression.

This group of drugs (SSRI) was formed under the idea that serotonin deficiency is one of the important factors of depression. Of course, the effectiveness of new drugs does not exceed the efficiency of the first antidepressants, however, we have noticed that the second-generation antidepressants are less toxic and that was the reason for their further study.

Lithium as a means of secondary prevention

Lithium is a universal substance which is prescribed for the relief of many symptoms, for example, when manias. At the same time it is a good tool for the prevention of relapse of depression as an independent disease or as a symptom of bipolar disorder (its older name, manic-depressive psychosis). The chronic administration of this drug increased over time "light" episodes between bouts of depression, and in the end, the phase of depression are greatly weakened or completely obsolete.

Despite the fact that Li is accepted by the body much better than many of the antidepressants is not to say that it is completely "cleared" third-party effects. For example, at the beginning of a course of treatment, you may experience a slight trembling of the limbs, nausea, constant thirst and heavy urination.

Another side effect, undesirable for purely aesthetic reasons is a set weight. However, lithium plus is that it does not cause any types of addiction.

Security measures

Many people have various mental disorders. Unfortunately, for people who are constantly in stressful situations, at work, at home and even on vacation, are familiar with the problems sleep disorders and irritability. Women are usually the first manifestations of depression try to drink medicines without thinking about the consequences, men "kill the nerves in itself."

Should not shy away from psychiatric help. These drugs without prescription may not help if there are factors causing pathology. Only after it can start taking medication. In other cases, the disease will develop into chronic with periods of remissions and exacerbations.

The advice from the specialist

Before you attempt to purchase the newer antidepressants in the public domain, think about side effects. Can you distinguish anxiety from depression? It might be better to visit a professional doctor who will be able to eliminate the negative effects of drugs on your body. Even herbal medications have several side effects in case of misuse.


So, in our today's article we discussed such a group provided psychotropic substances such as antidepressants. Enough been described in some detail the possible side effects and examples of different classes of drugs.

Moreover, we produced the "leadership" table to help you understand the names and dosages of certain medications. I hope this article was useful in study and practice.
Note, however, that despite widespread use of antidepressants and the opportunity to purchase bulk without the prescription of a psychiatrist, we strongly recommend not to abuse their discretion and well-being. If you feel that "something goes wrong", it is always better to consult a specialist than after to undergo intensive therapy because of depressive episodes and overdoses of drugs.

Trazodone commonly causes sedation, dizziness, orthostatic hypotension, dry mouth, nausea, and headache. Wellbutrin commonly causes insomnia, headache, anxiety, irritability, agitation. Wellbutrin, has a low risk of sexual side effects, fatigue and weight changes are compared with all antidepressants. Higher doses Welbutrin associated with seizures.

Remeron, usually causing fatigue, dizziness, sedation, weight gain. Less common, but can cause insomnia, sexual side effects, nausea.

People react differently to antidepressants and often have to experiment before you find the one that works best. Requires careful monitoring of any side effects that you experience. Immediately consult a doctor if the symptoms of your disease become worse - he will likely prescribe you another drug. Management of side effects is able to improve the success of antidepressant therapies.

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